Max length for web-form controls



Hi everybody,
we keen to improve the user experience of our filter panels.
For some web-form controls we have to apply some restrictions in terms of maximum number of characters allowed. For some user cases we need to block the user during the input phase.
In the examples we designed, we collected the most important use cases.
How you guys are handling such scenarios?


We do something really similiar and use almost exactly the approach above, however we position the countdown below the field and with the text ‘characters remaining’

[text field ]
50 characters remaining


yes the final design is slightly different from the first prototype:

I’ve a couple of questions for u:
do u have enough room to display all these info in the XS viewport?
how are u managing the validation? I mean if you have to display an error message below the field, how do you handle all these info?


It has been a while since I worked on these screens! (And I just got back from a week off today) so let me see if I can find the screens and get back to you :slight_smile: