Masters of UX curriculum book list



I’ve seen several UX book lists across the internet recently. One on UXMastery and one on Medium.

Can the UXMastery forum community create the shortest list possible of the best books to take someone from UX beginner to UXMaster? A curriculum book list which gives someone the knowledge equivalent of a Masters of UX.

There are so many books out there that it’s difficult for a beginner, to any field, to know which are the best books and which order to read them in.

How shall we crowdsource the "Masters of UX" reading list

I love this idea @leo0 – we could potentially add courses into the mix as well (I’ve done a tonne of courses for our reviews section).

Rather than starting from scratch when @chrisoliver has done so much work, I wonder if it would make more sense to add more data to that list. How many of the books on that master list have you read, Chris? And what are your thoughts on adding another column so that people can classify a book as beginner, beginner-int, advanced etc?


I would like to know more about quality of books and what are the “classics” or “must reads.” E.g., Steve Krug, Nielsen … ? Could you feed in data from another source, e.g., ratings?


I’ve only read 5 of the books, so I wouldn’t be the best person to ask for the skill level of each book, other than ones that were categorized as Fundamentals, which I guess you could call beginner. Perhaps this is something we could crowd-source?


Figuring out the “classics” or “must reads” was one of the reasons for compiling a list of recommended books. I was frustrated with the numerous lists of “must reads” or “essential” UX books that had some similar books but also a lot of different ones. I wanted a way figure out which books were most recommended.

As to Amazon ratings, I’m not sure of a way to get that data into a Google spreadsheet and keep it updated automatically. Also keep in mind that some books only have a few ratings, so they might not be an accurate reflection of those books’ quality.


Yeah, I usually look at a combination of the user ratings + number of users who have reviewed it and go for books that have been reviewed a lot and gotten high ratings. I know ratings must be taken with a grain of salt, but that’s one method I use for ferreting out important books in a particular field. I don’t know … Just throwing out ideas :smile:


Yup, that’s the plan!

That makes a lot of sense.

We’re going to compile a list, add an extra column or two (prob rating and level of ability required) and then crowdsource it via community (both here, Slack and Twitter).

I’ll keep you posted.


Please let me clarify that what I’d like to see created is an ordered list of books arranged like a list of classes; with each following book building off of the knowledge you learned in the previous books.


Hearing you. I can’t make promises because it would potentially rely on someone having read (and remembered) ALL the books, but we’ll do the best we can with crowdsourcing. :slight_smile:


There are only 270 books on my list. How long could that possibly take to read? :wink:


This is a great idea and could be very helpful. I feel my education in UX has been so piecemeal with just searching the web, watching videos and reading blogs. This could be a huge asset. Save a lot of people a lot of time.