Master's in UX/HCi from US vs Germany


Hello UXMastery Community,

I am a 2016 Computer Science graduate and am looking to do Master’s in HCi with UX concentration.
I wanted some trusted opinion on whether to pursue it from US or Germany. I have A2 level of mastery in German language, so that is not a major blocker for me.
The important factors I am looking for are:

  1. Flexibility of course
  2. Job prospects in more UX design related profiles
  3. Labs and more of hands on experience
  4. Return on Investment

Anyone who has anything other than these points to share like culture, UX community, etc , please feel free to do so. I would really appreciate it!:slight_smile:


Hi Ankita,
@dee @georg_koehler and @maxflyer should be able to give you some insight into the German UX culture side of things.


Hi Ankita,
Step by Step there are more and more opportunities for studying Ux in Germany. The quality and market are not bad althought for studying the quality may be higher in UK or US. If you can get in the german study system you will see that it is cheaper.
Imprtqnt will also ne where you samt to work in future. For an UX Job in Germany you’ll probably need C level german if you want to focus on research and not UI/Design.

Anyway I’d recommend to complement you studies with internship, hands on work and self teaching.



Hi @georg_koehler,
Thank you for your insight. I have a follow up question.
I am more inclined towards UX Design rather than going into research.
So for that, how is the market place in Germany?



There are obviously jobs especially in the big cities. If you want to do UI Design you’ll find jobs also not native/C1level. If you work for products for the german market and need contact to users it will get harder for you.

Dont unterstand me wrong but I Iactually think as an UX Designer you need to be able to connect to users in different ways, also qualitative requirement or testing stuff done in german.

If you are motivated go for it, you’ll be very welcome