Mastering UI looking for Books / resources?


Hello all,

As we all know we see a lot of jobs and careers that require both UX and UI skills. Now I’m looking for some good books / literature to master my mainly UI skills.

  • Use of colour
  • Beautiful design
  • Etc. 

Any recommendations?



Reading books won’t help you master UI skills. You only get better by doing.


Dribbble or awwwards are good places to start for design inspiration.

Ui patterns is a useful site to browse existing UI examples.


I’m not sure I agree with @ux_dude here. UI design absolutely has pieces that can be learned through a book.

Getting good at UI design is a lot like any other skill - the only way to become optimally proficient is by learning that skill through instruction and practice. Think about it like a sport - you could read about how to hit a golf ball for years, but without any actual practice, you’re not going to be very good when you finally step into the tee box.

In the same token, it’s entirely possible to hit golf ball after golf ball without getting any better. Even the greatest of minds rarely surprises itself. Without external feedback, learning, or insight, your progress will be stunted at best. What’s more, once you do get instruction, the chances are you’ll have more than a few bad habits that are very hard to break.

UI design is the same. There are lots of great resources out there to get you started, all of which will teach you excellent concepts and theories. I’d suggest visiting the Monster List of UX Books and filtering by UI Design category to find one you might like.

Bear in mind, though, that learning without doing is a sure path to failure. Whatever you choose, be sure to put it into practice as quickly as possible.


Hey Dougcollins,

Thank you so much, this is appreciated! I like the metaphor you use regarding learning and practicing with the golfball, I see here what you mean. I will start diving into materials and at the same time play with creating the designs.