Just a random UX forum query, however has anyone required to promote or market a B2B type website ?
Cheers :telephone_receiver:

I’d agree UX and marketing might be two sides of the same coin when it comes to researching and creating for people. But there are some important differences.

I see marketing seeking to create desire in customers primarily to benefit the business (as Peter Drucker says: β€œThe purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.”), whereas UX professionals seek to be advocates for the customers and their perspectives within a product team. In some cases this may require UXers to propose options that run counter to what the business or marketing teams initially want to do.

So, promoting or marketing would be outside the expected skillset of a UX role @davajoseph67 . :wink: Why do you ask?

Additionally, @Alex_laxton, it’s worth clarifying that UXers do more than just make a product desirable: they help make products useful (a good fit), usable (user friendly) as well as meaningful (a polished experience).

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