Marketing Vs UX design?



What is the difference between marketing for a product vs UX design? Anybody know? Just wondering when a job entails both vs or one over the other?


Check out this article from our friends at IDF:


In short words, marketing is meeting business needs, and UX is meeting users’ needs. I think, a Product Designer or Product Manager is a person who balances between theese two.


Hi Greg!
Marketing and UX are both distinct roles. @AnLev has very neatly sorted both.

In addition, marketing pros majorly focus on targeting users who may use similar products (like theirs), their existing users as well as introducing their product to the ones who have a potential.

When we talk about UXers they focus on building products and creating experiences that align with their product’s classification and vision respectively.

Hope I’ve answered your question. :slight_smile: Cheers!