Making the move


First off I am new here so forgive me if my question has been answered elsewhere, Im still trawling through the posts…

Has anyone recently made the transition from some other long-standing career into UX? preferably from a non Graphics related career.

Im looking to move from a QA roller of 10 years into UX design, but all the open roles I look at require experience of 5years +, or are misbranded as UX but are in fact Front-end developer roles…

My question is how did you manage to move the transition and how did you get on?

Unfortunately, my options are kind of limited as well since I’m in my very late 30’s with a family, so taking that graduate position isn’t really an option since there are bills that need to be paid and food that needs to go on the table…

I’m constantly being told that my previous experience will help, but in reality … does it? I don’t expect a senior role, but I’m really hoping to not be a junior if possible and sit somewhere in the middle as even at that I will be taking a pay drop, but its worth it does something that actually makes me happy.

Welcome to the community @Ruairi_MacTiernan!

Have you checked out the thread on UX Bootcamps? That might have some information and people you can network with and ask about their experiences.