Making a curated list of resources


I’ve found myself with way too many links, whether because I don’t have time to read them right now, I want to keep them for reference, I think someone else might find them useful, or some other thing that I cannot think of right now.

I do not seem to be able to find websites whose purpose is to store those links in a clear and understandable structure for sharing with others.

The closest I’ve found are pintrest, which is way too focused on visuals and makes you login to see much of anything; and pinboard which… doesn’t really let you make clear visual hierarchies. Tags are better than nothing, but they aren’t able to be multi-word tags and isn’t a good user experience.

I just want to be able to offer my links - after I finish sorting through them - so others can also use them. Maybe sort by category first, along with having tags, and probably use card sorting to get an idea of the best categories to use.

This is absolutely an information architecture problem, but I need somewhere to put the results of that research so others can use them. And my search shows nothing useful. I can probably put it on my in-process Wix website, if I must, but it’s also not really well-designed for that type of content. (I do not want to put it on my Pelican-based website because coding it would drive me insane)

Does anyone have suggestions?


How about ?

as an example:


This looks promising! Thank you!


If anyone is curious, I’ve been updating these four for now: - UX Beginners - Books (not much here yet, as I’m dealing with my links first) - tips - resources

If anyone has better ideas for how to organize these, I’m all ears!


Hey, Enboard & GGather developer here

@kwedo thanks for linking to Enboard!

@wispfox you can also try using for that - it’s kinda similar to Pinboard but you can have human friendly tags (with spaces and other characters in them). Any tags that you publish will be available under your profile and also under its own url e.g.

But if you’re already comfortable using Enboard then you can stick to that (althought I’m working primarily on GGather now, Enboard is still maintainted)