Maintain List of User Research Participants

Hey UX community!

In this profession, we are always trying to learn more about our users and their interactions with our products. Whether it be a usability test, survey, or card sort, having a list of willing customers that you can grab into is always necessary.

My question: How do you maintain your list of current customers that have opted into user research activities? Do you keep an Excel spreadsheet, maybe a Wiki page, or possible an email list. I’d like to hear your process!



We have just started surveying for users who would be interested in joining our testing panel so I’m interested in following this and seeing what people suggest as the best way forward.
I think currently to contact users we just use our database and select users from that who have previously given us their details through our app. I will ask our marketing team tomorrow and see what they use.

Right now I’m working with marketing to pull a dataset of existing customers. I think that this is a typical approach for most companies. A few drawbacks to this include:

  • Relying on marketing or other department to pull together a list
  • Making sure that you aren’t sending too many UX activities to one particular indivdual
  • Making sure that these people opted into receiving email communications for UX activities

Love this topic!

I have confirmed that we just have an excel spreadsheet on sharepoint which people can keep updated and annotate as to whether they have attended or want to attend a testing session