Magento vs Shopify


Since, Magento and Shopify are the most popular e-commerce platforms, they both deserve attention.
This is very important and life changing choice, so I should go along all the pros and cons of both platforms in order to come up with the best option for my business.I have read a lot of information on the Internet about the difference,but I want to hear you also. Maybe someone can share with me about some experience in this sphere.
Thank you in advance!



Hey there,
Welcome. Are you looking for advice about which to choose?



Magento is awful. Stay far away.



Yes, I am confused and want to hear your opinion about that



I have used Magento for one of my clients e-commerce website. Honestly, I found a lot of issues with Magento. It is not easy to get started with Magento and there is a learning curve. You need to have a very good hosting space to get it running.

I haven’t worked on Shopify yet, but I did explore it a while back. I liked the interface and it seemed easy. Lot of learnings is available and they also have a good dedicated support. If you have a limited list of SKUs, then I would suggest giving a try to Shopify. You will be up and running at very short time.



I’ve build a lot of shops in the last 20+ years, and every time i choosed the underlaying system with the current project/problem/needs in hands.
Magento and Shopify may be popular at the moment, but in total most of the shops in the web do not use them, because they don’t fit their needs.

My advice: Keep an eye on the market, not only on two systems.