I funded this on Kickstarter, but have not had any time to play around with it yet. Has anybody used it?


I was a backer as well. I played with the beta version a while back, but it needed some serious work. I haven’t touched it since release, I heard they were fixing bugs at a pretty fast rate though. Need to give it another whirl. For prototyping it seems fantastic. For production level code? Not yet, but maybe someday.


I’ve been running through it today (referencing this tutorial: and the quality is miles above what it was. I’m really enjoying it. But there’s still some kinks they need to work out; the occasional element disappearing when toying with breakpoints, issues when elements have to change display types to achieve what you’re going for (you do still need to have some awareness of HTML & CSS), and a lot of randomness if you don’t keep your document outline & ‘containers’ in order.

It has a ton of potential though. For a prototyping tool, I think it’s excellent.


For anyone interested, there has been a free eBook published on making use of Macaw -