Lost in copywriting — experiencing Japan as a designer


I stumbled on this post and I have found it enlightening.

I hope you will enjoy it as well :slight_smile:


Japan is an outstanding country, although very unusual, especially when you think about all these messy toilet signs :laughing:
Also, I wonder why they still need those pocket wifi devices. With their level of technology, I would expect all their cities covered with wifi. Or GSM/LTE roaming routed through wifi for foreigners or smth like that. On the other hand, they still have faxes out there…

By the way, check this example of their outstanding customer service: Japan - Subway Ticket


bloody hell!
That’s a perfect customer support experience, the guy physically came out the machine!


Yeah, it is funny and a little bit scary.

A clever solution though. I suppose this guy is the assistant guy, the same as every metro station in any country has. He just goes where he is needed right now. Probably he went from some back room so that he doesn’t need to push his way through the crowd. Fast and effective.

Still, I would definitely forget what I wanted from that machine if he poped out in front of me :smile:


I would beg him to give me access to that room!


I sicerely hope he does not sit inside that machine!


I’m sure he does!
Or do u think he’s equipped with some super cool tool to move himself super fast from point A to point B?


Who knows, that’s Japan. He may be a ninja or a