Looking to learn more about UI/UX


My background of working between customers and companies be B2C or B2B gave me a good background in what people want, expect. I am now doing more customer engagement and part of it trying to do POC or mockups… Big fan of white board for brainstorming and balsamiq for wireframing but find it too restrictive.
Looking for an app that is simple to use as I don’t have a programming background so more drag and drop type app where I can quickly build a page, dragging design elements like widgets onto it to which I can do simple action to show how they work so both customer and us get a good feel for it to add to my requirements doc and complete the design phase before I give it to our Dev team to implement fully.
Balsamiq is great to a point. what I like is for a programing virgin like me it is perfect but the UI is too B/W looking. Looking more for an app where I can start from a blank page but blocks, widgets, icons, with simple action on buttons or image etc… so the mockup almost looks like the full end product (without the backend.)
been looking at bootply but too much code, must be some apps out there that can do that?


I’ll throw a tweet out there and see what we get back :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Hawk, gotta be some app out there that can do that…


Hi there,
We at Balsamiq recently put together a little guide to UI and UX tools that you might find helpful. It also links to lists of many other prototyping tools. Hope you find it helpful - http://support.balsamiq.com/customer/portal/articles/2102844.

  • Leon