Looking For Suggestion To Improve UX



I have recently setup my Ecommerce store for dropshipping using woodropship plugin of WordPress and fortunately able to drive some relevant traffic from facebook ads but didn’t got any sales yet. I am little mess up because I have no clue of why visitors aren’t converted, someone from my industry suggest me to improve the user experince. If you can suggest me any tips? I am using kuteshop woocommerce premium theme. Thanks in advance.


Trust is one of the biggest factors when considering ecommerce optimisation. You’re expecting customers to part with their money. Do they trust you?

Ways to increase trust include testimonials, reviews, a professional website, pro product shots, publicity, reputation, an engaged social media presence, trustworthy partners etc. You can also make it less of a risk for potential customers by offering easy returns/refunds, FAQs, customer service etc. Lots to consider.


hi @cynthiabetty786
we need to have some background regarding your project to better match our answers with your expectation.

What comes to my mind is:

  • what is exactly your role in the company you work for?
  • which kind of product(s) are you selling on your e-commerce?
  • which capacity (in terms of people) do you have in terms of designers and front-end DEVs to enhance/change the wordpress platform and the plug-in u decide to use?
  • can u share with us your platform (even screenshots)?

I found this article very useful: https://boagworld.com/design/8-ecommerce-improvements/