Looking for stories: How did you make your organisation customer centric?


There is a million articles on the topic of “Management does not see the value of user testing! Help me wage a hearts and minds guerrilla campaign to change their minds!”. But I think we might all learn a bit more from each other’s more personal war stories than a buzzfeed style lists!

My situation is probably better than typical - I have unlimited licence to do guerrilla testing on company time, but no extra budget to recruit customers with anything other than a smile and a wink for the most basic testing. Normally I’d just hustle up some friends, but I simply don’t know people in the right demographic. I’m considering simply invading the kinds of places they are likely to inhabit on the weekends (I’m just not sure mothers with young children want that :P)!

For broader customer research, we have a chronic problem where non of the executives seem to trust either my interview driven results, surveys or external agencies. They spend a lot of time with our customers themselves, so it’s not like they are out of touch - but it’s hard to align them all on a common ideas, so even simple methods like summing it up into personas or a list of JTBD don’t seem to get far.

I love this company, we build great stuff - but as we’ve grown as a start-up, I’d like for us to transition some of our learning from our failures to learning from tests!


How about take user’s demographic data from backend on a product which you are working and call em up and set a user testing session? This is what I am doing these days since there is no other way to do UT at my organisation.


Not exactly what you are looking for, but thought it might be helpful. There is a webinar on this topic coming up, http://www.invisionapp.com/webinars/customer-centered-design.


Hi @joshua_shuv,

At one of my jobs, we created a customer panel (about 1000 people) that we could go to to try out new features and do usability testing. You mentioned new mothers… Maybe you could reach out to care.com or some discussion boards for new parents to invite them to be on the panel to get started. We didn’t pay them anything, they just got early access to new features and got to feel like they had an input in the app.

You mention that the executives spend a lot of time with customers. Have you been in any of these meetings? What are they doing with customers, what are they asking? It might help to get on the same page if you see what they are doing.

Hope that helps.


That ‘early access’ was their rewards to em. Glad you handled smartly.