Looking for researches or case studies on How to move users from engaging / visiting social media to website

Is there any resources, articles, research documents or case studies explains how companies or apps succeed to move users from social media to their website?

example: Instagram account sells goods, and want to move to e-commerce website but currently exploring opportunities how to do that (fear of the idea that its business is currently based on being a social-based store)

context: I’m currently on secondary research for UX project and I want to explore this specific area in order to get some assumptions to be validated.

I’ve not come across that specifically, sorry.

I would assume it is still about knowing the audience, and changing the order of the channels in the sales funnel? To drive traffic from one channel to another, just with a different endpoint. And that would use specific social media marketing conversion approaches. I’d check the big names in that space such as Neil Patel and Sprout Social et al and see if they have a specific write-up.

Others might well have come across this themselves?

Thanks, Lukcha for caring and responses, I really appreciate that.

The point here is that I want to make secondary research and find this type of successful cases - in order to stand on someone’s shoulders. My project relies on creating a transitional map to convert users from being in social to a website that added value to them. How others motivate their current users to leave social media channels into there brand new website?