Looking for portfolio feedback

Hello UX Mastery friends,

I find myself in the market for a job after working as a UX Designer for about three years. I am just getting my portfolio put together. I wrote the case study for my last project and I’m hoping I can get some constructive feedback. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Thank you friends,

There ya go:

In general, there’s just too much content. you don’t have to show everything. work on typography and graphics. it’s okay to start with a template and customize it, if you don’t have enough experience in coding your own.

  • too much text
  • missing summary and links to specific sections
  • the whole thing is too big, nobody will dedicate half an hour to go through it. try to make it more digestible in a few minutes.
  • screenshot with numbers has no description about what do the numbers mean
  • you should show the old app only in comparison with the new, otherwise people can mistake the two
  • work more on your typography. for example, text could have more contrast, sections, narrower lines and be always aligned to the left
  • also work more on your graphic design, the website does not look very aesthetic. you mix various styles and content kinds chaotically. get inspired by your competitor’s portfolios.
  • you show a palette before showing the actual solution
  • give a preview of the final thing first, then start describing the process. that way people know if it’s worth the effort to continue reading
  • improve your gallery feature, at least add descriptions to the enlarged pictures, so people know what they see if they switch from picture to picture (without reading the surrounding text)
  • your numbered list does not look like one
  • you mix the process and the results chaotically. try to define a clear structure and stick with it. two approaches I usually use: 1. target 2. my role 3. artefacts, or 1. problem 2. barriers 3. process 4. result
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I agree with Dugi’s comments.

It is way too technical for me — but it seems you are pitching to a technical market so I understand why you’ve structured it that way.

For me, the biggest thing missing is YOU. That should, I think, be the very first thing that draws me to your page. This page is essentially your story… and, without YOU, I am a little lost.
Making it more personal will be a big improvement.

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Thanks so much for your feedback! I revamped the site and would appreciate your second peek at the updates that I made to the site. darryldrozdikdesign.com

amazing, you’ve made a salto and landed where you wanted to! :slight_smile:
your site is now much more standard, with clear structure and good readability.

there are a few details here and there to fix, but nothing too disctracting. to improve further, iterate your design, copy and process. there’s still a lot of text in some subpages, but with sections it’s now more digestible. if you really want people to read it, make it even shorter, with summaries and quotations. get inspired by case studies from famous companies or even classic magazine articles.

let us know when you get hired please, good luck!