Looking for mentor assistance with design project for portfolio



Hi All

I’m not sure if it’s allowed or frowned upon to ask directly for assistance in the forum so if it is please let me know and delete this thread !

I have just finished up the UX Research & Strategy course with DesignLab, it was good (but did have its issues) and I plan to most likely do another in the new year. While I’m waiting to begin that and finish off the case study I have started in the research course I’ve been thinking it might be better to work on a “real” project in the mean time (rather than another hypothetical idea I made up for a course). When I say ‘real’ I don’t mean that I’m going to quit my job and take on a UX job and get paid for it but rather to work on a redesign for a current website that actually exists and that people use and see how through using the design process I can come up with a better version, the idea being that it will give me something recognisable in my portfolio to show to prospective future employers

It would be great if I could find someone to bounce ideas off as I go about this and hopefully get some direction on how to best apply the research methods I choose and to help me to get the best information out of the data I collect and some solid critique on my designs from someone with some more experience.

Not looking for too much of anybodies time I know everyone is busy, maybe just some email correspondence if I have any questions or if it suited the odd Skype call to discuss work to date etc?

I’m really hoping to make the move from my current web design role into a much more UX focused role in the new year and think this is a good way to build up my portfolio and also to keep me thinking and working to hopefully improve on what I already know.

In return for any assistance I will happily buy you some beers should you ever make it to Dublin :slight_smile:


It totally is. That’s why we’re here. :slight_smile:

I know that @paddy is in Ireland and he’s experienced. He might be able to help you out.

If not, there are lots of other amazing people here that would be able to help via email. Let me know how you go with responses.


Hi Hawk

That’s great! In that case I would be very happy to chat with anyone who would be interested in helping me out :slight_smile:


Zero interest from anyone willing to lend a hand…

“community” …hmmm :smirk:

When even the promise of beer doesn’t help you’ve got to wonder!


There’s quite a bit of UX in writing text too. I think most read the header and skims through the text very hastily, which in itself is an indicator of how much time and dedication they are willing to put in.

So my suggestion is that you use bold text to highlight the most important things, such as the fact that you don’t expect all that much of your mentor and the beer reward. :slight_smile:


A good suggestion. And i agree a lot of text. I thought part of being good at UX was also being thorough though ha!

Maybe i should have started the thread off with that old marketing ploy you would see on posters of a giant “FREE BEER” promise at the top! …only to find out there is no beer :frowning:


That’s a good hustle. :wink:


It’s also a crazy busy time of year for people. We’re currently getting 2 posts per day, down from about 30. People are wrapping up their own work for the year and perhaps don’t have capacity.


I think this is a great idea!
Have you heard about this “Office Hours” project? It’s focused on UX and UXers with experience can open up time slots for 1:1s. Maybe a longer terms mentorship could come from this?
I met with one person, and had 3 no-shows, so maybe sign up for a few. The one meeting I did have was great!

Here’s the link: https://www.outofofficehours.com/


Hi drxra

I haven’t heard about this, no. I’ll definitely check it out now though. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a great idea!

@HAWK I know, i’m was only poking fun to try and stir up conversation (which it sort of has ha :wink: ). Fully appreciate that folks are likely very busy.


I came across another resource: DESIGNATION, the UX Program in Chicago is holding consultations. Here’s the link: https://designationwill.youcanbook.me/?inf_contact_key=d2576c99d8d0a37df0273f6a1d7f67f71096ef3f60cbcf943577f7147fa0cdef


Hi there,

Just getting back onto the forum after a bit of an extended travel break over Nov/Dec.
@danny_j_w86 I’m based in Galway, no problem having a skype or email catch up and talk all things UX.

One of the most useful and interesting things I did to get started was to User Test our website. Just needed a laptop, good mic (external ideally), some free screen recording software (Silverback is great). and a few volunteers. (we got in some students). It’s a great way to open up the UX conversation in any organisation.

Or you could pick any website, local charity or business. Very useful to see real problems the users face.

Contact me anytime, later in the week is usually best. (thurs/fri)
I’m on twitter @paddy_be or through my website.

Might be in Dublin for the Dublin Tech Summit next month. Could catch up then.



Hi Paddy!

Thanks a lot for reaching out, really appreciate you making the effort to give some advice ! I will definitely get in touch with you in the next few days! I won’t ask for too much of your time but it would be great to have someone just bounce ideas off :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and speak to you soon!


Hey @danny_j_w86

Feel free to hit me up when you’re done chatting with Paddy. Similar to his user testing suggestion, another thing you can do to flex your UX muscles and make a little bit of cash is sign up to be a tester at usertesting.com. You won’t get a ton of tests so don’t bank on it for beer money, but you will likely get several opportunities to review sites for major companies and make US $10 for each. It’s great practice whenever you can do it.

PS - @hawk was right - I’ve been up to my eyeballs wrapping up stuff and am glad to be returning to the community :slight_smile:


Hi @maryshaw I might just do that thanks for the suggestion!