Looking for inspiration for a product feature - healthcare portal

Hello, I am looking to design a new feature set into a healthcare platform and could use some sources of inspiration. The software allows health systems to create custom exercise plans for patients undergoing orthopedics surgery and then pushes those plans to patients through an app. The feature that the client wants to incorporate is the ability for a nurse or admin role to change the exercise plans for all patients ok a specific provider. AKA. Nurse Molly logs in and changes Dr. Smitth’s plan so it now requires all HIS patients to do 4 sets of 2 reps of squats at week 2 of post-op. I’m looking for some other software that employs this type of customization model to base some early concepts on. So far all I can lean on is how Jira uses workflows for it’s project management software. But… I always find Jira to be overly complex in this way so I’m hoping for some other areas to explore.

Hi Melissa, that sounds like an interesting projects. Last time I had physio my physiotherapist told me that they were looking into a few apps for this very thing, but I have forgotten the names. I have been using Centr for workouts which has a great customer facing app, but won’t help you with the healthcare side of things. You might want to look at some education software for assigning lessons to students, many will have a free trial, you just have to pretend to be a teacher! You might want to look at the workflows for media management software – consider your groups of patients as playlists and the workouts as videos or songs – you could find some simple workflows that way, or at least some ideas around UI layouts. Good luck!


I agree with @tim0 on looking at other industries. Education is a good one. Any sort of management tool might work.

Thanks for the tips! I will look into the idea of music and education industries.

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Riffing on @tim0’s suggestion, you could look at Khan Academy’s teacher portal for inspiration. KA does a great job focusing on helping their various target users’ with better UX.

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