Looking for Help with my UX Portfolio



Hello UX Mastery Community,

I hope you all are having a great day!

My name is Katya – I am a Designer who is interested in pursuing a career in Visual Design and/or UX/UI Design. Although I have 7 years of experience in the design field, I am a beginner with UX/UI Design. I am looking for advice about what my resume and portfolio needs (whether it’s additional education, experience in web design etc.) in order for me to get a job in this field. So far I have had no luck, but I am determined and will do whatever it takes. I would even be happy with an internship at this point just to get experience. Unfortunately, even for internships you need experience. My current portfolio is located here: www.behance.net/katyag

I am also looking for a mentor who woud be able to help me critique the projects that I would be working on for my portfolio and walk me through the steps/answer questions along the way. Any feedback or insight would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.



Hi Katya!

Welcome to UX Mastery. :slight_smile:

First, for your mentoring wants, we have a fabulous peer mentoring program happening on our Slack channel where you can get randomly matched with another UXer each month. You can get an invite to our Slack channel at http://slack.uxmastery.com/. The next pairing happens on March 4, so you’re just in time! You can read more about the program here - https://uxmastery.com/mentoring/.

With regard to your portfolio, it seems to be more related to UI than to UX. I admire the clever way you were able to start work on the “Remember the Milk” project by using customer reviews, but I think you would benefit from conducting more direct research.

You might like this article --> UX Process.

I hope that helps.