Looking for Help with my Remote Card Sorting Activity

Hi UXers,
I’m conducting a remote card sorting ‘experiment’ by using a Trello board and I need to see if it will work.
If you’re interested in participating please reply or DM me your email and I will email you a link and instructions on how to participate.
It will probably take less than 30mins of your time.

Who’s in!? :exploding_head: :partying_face:


No one?..



You lost me at an hour :wink:

ha! I was being super generous with that estimate.
Let me change it to something more realistic then…

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I’d be interested if you still are

Thanks @mag_sobieszuk ! Definitely still interested. I have a few people now and would love more. Can you message me your email so i can invite you?

Hi @ari_rahmati
I’d be glad to participate if the task is still relevant.

Still is :slight_smile: Just DM me your email so I can send you an email with instructions :slight_smile: