Looking for feedback on UX research portfolio


Hello there!! :wave:t3:

Thanks for clicking in! I am currently looking for positions of UX researcher.

I would LOVE to receive comments from all of you about my portfolio, and any suggestion that you have for a freshly graduating student who is interested into this field!

Thank you!!


Hi Shimeng,
No problem, happy to help.

  • I love the clean design.
  • I find the font a bit tough. It is light, smallish and black on white. I’d go for something a little bigger and consider dark grey for less contrast.
  • I like the balance of text to imagery and the inclusion of some of your hand drawn work in the first case study
  • The site is easy to navigate but it’s a little confusing that the case study titles aren’t clickable (only the images are)
  • Your first case study is strong but then they get a bit light on info. This is pretty common in portfolios and something I’d love to see change

Hopefully that gives you something to work with!


Thank you a lot!!

While I’m still working on adding more info right now, I do want to say that these are really helpful feedback, and I appreciate your time in giving the help as well!


Hi @windy_ado,

I would expand the about page, and maybe even add some of this information to the homepage. What I would like the now is where do you want to be in 1, 2, 5 and 10 years for examples and how do you plan on getting there. Also what motivated you to get up and go to work every single day.

On the homepage I would add a title, what is it you do and what can people expect on your website? Now they first have to scan everything and still might not have a clue where your website is about.

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Great feedback so far.

Have you considered keeping all the items on the homepage in the same format i.e. Image on the left, title and description on the right? Just think this makes it easier for someone to navigate and scan.

It might also be worthwhile considering the audience a little bit on your case study/work pages. For example if I am thinking about hiring you, then I definitely want to read more than one case study, so you could include a link (or links) to the next case study at the bottom of the page.

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I quote all the feedbacks, I’d suggest also to not include the contact form at the bottom of every case study, since you have also a contact page.