Looking for Feedback on Game UI


Hi everyone,
I’m looking for feedback for the image posted above.

Context :
This is for a game I’m currently working on called Academia : School Simulator. It’s a game where you build and manage a school. We need a reports screen to show the player specific information about what’s going on in their schools. These reports pages are supposed to give them that information. Hoping for feedback on whether the information provided is sensible and readable.

Personal context:
I am an experienced game artist and designer, but have never had proper training in UX/UI. A lot of my work is therefore very seat of the pants and jsut going by gut feel. I am very used to critique, especially when constructive, so if you think I’m doing something stupid please feel free to tell me, but then tell my why it’s stupid and maybe offer an alternative.

Thanks, and really looking forward to any feedback you all might have.


Hi @endlessthirteen,
I am not a game designer, so this is just coming from a UX perspective. All the different blues make the screen hard to scan. I am not sure what all the avatars are for? They don’t seem to add anything to the information I would need. On the Delinquent Students section, I don’t know how many of the total I am looking in that section before I page to the next group of people.

While these are just reports, and therefore I am assuming fairly static, it seems a bit strange not to know what actions to take. For example, there are 12 students with detention, but only 10 seats. What does the person need to do next? What is the most important information on the screen?


Thanks for the feedback!

If you were to use a different color, what would you use it for and why? I confess I’m sticking to monochrome because I want to play it safe.

Good point about the avatars. There are use cases for some of them, but for others there aren’t. I need to consider why they are there on a case to case basis.

" it seems a bit strange not to know what actions to take"
For some of these things, the player already knows what to do intuitively for previous actions. For example regarding the detention seats, at some point previous to this they will have been taught how to make/add detention seats. But assuming this was not the case, where might that kind of information be put?

Thanks again!


My thoughts are that it’s all a bit cramped and there’s little cohesion between each related group. The tables maybe a bit much having different colours for each row? This might be more from a UI/visual design point of view though.

I’d recommend starting off looking into gestalt principles to better design and group all the related sections together.


@endlessthirteen, you could use white for the background and just have the header text blue. Use blue and white if you want, just use more white than blue.

If these are just to read, I guess the actions are not as important. But you could put the actions on the right part of the table, which is pretty standard.


I like your game context. WHo doesnt want to crush some school kids hopes :slight_smile: (thats just me taking revenge on bullies lol). But I do like the context.

What platform do you intend to host on, that has an impact on your visuals?

I dont personally have any majors, except to say look into colour mapping in graphic design (not my strongest point)