Looking for feedback on a portfolio case study



I’m pulling together my first ever case study for my portfolio. I want to get this one right before making any further case studies. This will be a template for my others. I have a mixture of professional and educational experience with UX. I am framing this past experience for UX Research roles.

Let me know your thoughts. The more feedback, the better.


This is excellent! Really well documented with a good mix of text and imagery. Nice work.

What I most often see in portfolios is one very well documented case study like this and then several that look a lot lighter on info, sometimes even rushed. I’d encourage you not to fall into that trap!


Hugely impressed by how thorough you went through the case study and explained concisely your finds and how the linked to the next part of the research.


Well presented research. Good luck with your portfolio.


Hi Hawk, thank you for the feedback! For this exact reason I went through and wrote the copy for my case studies first and gathered my visual assets. This way, I couldn’t skimp on explaining methods we used and why.

Glad to here I had a successful portfolio template!