Looking for feedback....high resolution/wireframe interactive toggle

Hi. I am new here. From Toronto, Canada. I am looking for feedback on a UX tool I am designing. Once completed, I hope to offer it a free service to other designers. I am building a responsive shopping app demo to show it in action. It features a toggle for switching between high resolution and sketch (wireframe) mode. It is a work in progress. Any feedback is much appreciated.

I can see what your tool does, but I’m not sure I would find this particularly useful. What do you think the main use-cases are?

One other thing to note is that I often update wireframes and not hi-res, or sometimes hi-res and not wireframe. This might cause discrepancies between each mode?

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ah right i see. I didn’t notice the responsive part, but i can see that would be useful. And the versioning is very cool. There have been times when Ive made updates to designs and forget why certain decisions were made, so if your tool can help with that then great. And if it can save time with templates, great! For me the switching between lo-hi fi is not what I’d be most interested in, I am more interested in the other things you mention.

I have another question about the switching. If a designer has both hi-res and wireframe mockups available, wouldn’t they just stay in hi-res mode?

Hi Leo,

Since we last spoke, I have added a top nav bar that toggles between desktop, tablet, and mobile views of the prototype. I am working on applying the toggle to the complete prototype.

The toggle I’ve developed differs from similar toggles you can set up in Sketch or Adobe XD. Unlike these apps, my design features “live” HTML/CSS content in each of the views. Sketch and Adobe XD only present static images in their views.

Each view in my prototype is essentially a self-contained mini-website.