Looking for experienced UX/UI designers to join our startup group (part-time)

Want to design the next Instagram, tinder, yelp? This maybe your chance!

We are a start-up with a bunch of young people who are passionate about food and wanting to shape this industry in our own ways. Have you often bothered with what to eat for the next meal? Do you have trouble finding gourmet around you? Have you ever felt the urge to share with someone when you met a fantastic burger? If your answer is yes, then here is us. We are creating an APP where people can order, comment, post, and share about food. If you share this vision and want to know more, email: info@haochee.com to schedule a talk.

We have 8 people so far with developers from Amazon, Alibaba, graduates from the University of Chicago, WUSTL, UIC etc. We are close to the delivery of our MVP and are looking for experienced UX/UI designers to join our startup team. Part-time is good enough. It’s unpaid at this stage for everyone, startup members will be promised with stocks and future salary as we grow.

If you are interested in joining and want to create something belong to yourself, send us your portfolio and resume to info@haochee.com.