Looking for designer / Force Bridge UI/UX Design Contest

The Nervos Network Force Bridge UI/UX Design Contest:

The rapid growth of the blockchain industry comes with an increased need for intuitive user interfaces. Our Force Bridge UI/UX Design Contest provides a great opportunity for designers to break into a blockchain industry, and see their work come to life on a real, cross-chain dApp! Challenge yourself or your team, show the world what you can do, exercise your design skills, grow your portfolio, and win up to $2,500 USD in cryptocurrency in prizes while contributing to the ever-growing field of blockchain technology!

Elements Required in Final Design:

  • Top navigation menu (example links to User Guide, GitHub, About)
  • Direction switcher (for converting Nervos to Ethereum <> Ethereum to Nervos)
  • Nervos Network Logo display
  • Footer (Copyright, Disclaimer, About links)
  • ECR-20 Token Selector
  • Input value (number of tokens)
  • Output value (number of tokens)
  • Submit button
  • Information block (for displaying information such as reminders, warnings, etc.)
  • History of Transfers (to/from)
    • Pending status display
    • Success status display