Looking for candid portfolio feedback!



Hey all,
I’ve been hunting for a full-time UX position for a few months now, and with no luck. I think there’s a good chance my portfolio is the reason why, but I don’t know anyone personally that could help me with this, so I’m asking you guys for assistance. Any and all honest feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you!



Hey @klyan
No problem, happy to help. But first up, welcome on board and good on you for jumping straight in. :slight_smile:

My first impression was that you don’t make the most of your screen real estate. I’d reconsider your use of screen realestate and put some of your messaging up in place of the relatively empty logo screen. If you only have a few seconds to capture my attention, use it to hook me.

I like your Research, Iterate and Think messaging. It gives insight into your personality, but some of it is a little bit ‘markety’ or buzz-wordy.

You have a huge number of projects, which is absolutely awesome, but I think they need to be built out more. The key here is demonstrating your process, and there isn’t enough info here to really do that. I’d love more of an idea of what you did, why you did it, and what you thought. It would also be good to see more process imagery – sketches, wireframes, whatever you have.

@chrisoliver does a great job of documenting his process here.

And for one of the best examples I’ve seen in a while, check out @cvillate’s portfolio here.

You might also find this free session next week really valuable, if the timezones work for you.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: