Looking for a Web Developer / Community Manager with a UX/engagement flair

I am looking for someone a little unique to work as a Community manager is a Healthcare professional development company in Nashville, TN.

This position will have 2 main categories of work:

  1. Web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) - at intermediate level (or higher). This is where the UX flair comes in. A designer is not required, but an eye for design would be highly desired.
  2. Community Management - managing relationships in a community along with content management and creation. Creating engaging experiences is key, but generally, in this context, this is done by promoting conversation effectively.

The % of work in these categories will vary based on client need, but would likely be fairly heavy on the Dev side for a good portion of the year. There will be times when this is not the case, so I wouldn’t want someone who only wants to code to be frustrated by the other work that is more social and engagement focused.

I posted a question on the Feverbee community manager forum asking if this skillset was odd. They agreed it’s a bit different, but thought that some of the fabulous experience and engagement professionals here in the UX Mastery forum may fit the skillset.

If you’re interested in doing something a little different, at a company that makes a big impact, please take a look at the opportunity and send in your application today. We are hiring very soon!

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