Looking For A UX/UI Design Mentor in the United States

I have been trying to get into the UX/UI Design field with no luck landing my first interview. I have a portfolio with two case studies. I think I have the UX design process down okay, but I have been struggling with developing my UI skills. Learning on my own is a struggle with no feedback. I am looking for a mentor to help me develop my skills so I can land my first job.

If anyone is willing to mentor me I would be very grateful. Please respond and let me know if you are available.

Thank you,

Do you have plan to focus at first on any particular tool that i.e. Adobexd, figma or illustrator?, I’d love to mentor along the process.

I would focus on using figma.

Hi, I can introduce you my UI mentor. Have you found one?

hello guys, i am also in need of a mentor because i am currently lost.

Can you indroduce me

hi@kash.design, you guys can reach out my mentor, Kash, he’s a very good designer!

Hi! I also sent an email to Kash. Would love to be mentored :slight_smile:

I think you should join origami studios frontend services department as an internee. They have the best experts and mentors in their ui/ux design services team.

Hi everyone. This company is offering 300 minutes free of their design courses. You need to pay for the whole course but you get quite a lot for free! diveinto.global