Looking for a tool to improve the UX in a website

I’m looking for a tool that tracks the user behavior in a certain website and then giving suggestions of how to improve UX,

For example, if most of the visitors doing an action A on the website and it take them 40s
and a small percentage of visitors are taking action B, and it takes them 15s, So it’s better to take action A more accessible,

What do you think? Is there out there such a tool?


@HAWK, do we have a group of UX researchers here that we could ask about this? Personally I’d try to run this through Google Analytics, but this also isn’t my forte. I’m sure our researchers here would know more than me.


The only one I can think of is hotjar - but as @dougcollins it’s similar to Google analytics


We sure do. Calling @UX_Researchers


Thank you! :slight_smile:
You basically answered my question

Would like to discuss more on private


It is helpful to understand the goals of your design/webpage before doing these tests. Time is not the only factor. Are people interacting with the page the way you intend them to? A heatmap can get you started, but more testing is likely needed. You can also create a poll on the pages along with the heatmap for greater understanding.


I was reviewing such tool last month there are plenty but quite costly, here is a list:
Design testing Platform: UserZoom, Loop11, Ethnio, UserTest.
Enterprise Journey mapping platform: UX360, Simply, Trello,

Check those out! My fav goes to UserZoom ;D


Are you looking for something unmoderated? If you have clearly defined goals that you want to subject to different design options, Visual Website Optimizer facilitates “in the wild” experiments quite nicely. Of course, this assumes you have enough traffic to make it significant.

Google Analytics is also an option but it’s got more setup overhead for you define the steps in your goals. And it won’t capture time to complete a task very well, out of the box. But it’s free and can do many useful things. Again, this assumes you have enough traffic.

For moderated experiments, your options are almost infinite.


Thank you all for the replies,
After a long market research, I couldn’t find a tool as I need
I’m thinking to create it by my own

the tool will provide AI based suggestions on how to improve your website/app design

I would love to hear your opinions/ suggestions

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I might got misunderstood,
The tool will be in use of the ux desginer, to help improving the ux in the
long run

Instead of the regular tools which give you analytics, this tool will give
you suggestions, much faster, much easier

I don’t think any tools will give you any suitable results. Taking normal users opinion is effective rather than using any tools. Depending the user activity, like how long they stay on a page will give a accurate analytics. Collecting feedback from your customer support or add reviews will also good options.