Looking for a new start in Australia - Portfolio feedback and contact welcome



Hello everybody.

Due to some redundancy, I am going to have to look for a new job and I have decided to embrace my dream of working in Australia.
So please feel free to give me feedback on my portfolio nomad-ux.design , they are more than welcome.
I will be also pleased to receive any contacts, tips you might have.

Thanks and Happy New Year to all


If I were a person looking for a UX designer, I would be interested on knowing what’s the process you follow when it comes to user testing in more detail. Like for example in your PROMOTIONS case study, how do you go from the assumptions to testing and design. Do you create high fidelity mockups right away or do you sketch in paper or maybe low fidelity wirefreames? What are the tasks for user testing and how do you measure success / fail when testing with the user? the more detail the better.

I LOOOVED the way you scroll down and the steps become yellow at the top. Great design pattern there!


Hey there,

  • I love the clean, accessible design.
  • It could do with an english edit. There are a few typos (including at the top of your homepage).
  • The contact form is cute.
  • You’ve found a good balance of text vs imagery
  • Every bullet pointed list is in a different font / colour / format


Thanks for the feedback. I am using Uxfol.io to build and host my work. As it is still entirely new, there is some stuff to improve, but they are very reactive.


Thanks, I will go through the English with grammarly.com as this is not my native tongue language. I will also check what happened in uxfol.io with the bullet points


UX design here is fairly new as a specialty taken from Business Analysis, but you will find both.

Sorry I didnt get to your porfolio, are you simply all web based content or have you experience in large corporate applications? (ie impact minimum 80k people in a company)

if its just web dev UX and UI you wont have a problem contracting. If its actual systems usually they ask for Business Analysts with UX and UI design. I posted and example of both in another reply which I will link for you.


Here you go, two examples from Aus contract market

Here is an example in Australia of Both.

1. Senior BA with UX/UI Skills

  1. UX designer with Agile experience

Ok just looked at your portfolio, BRAVO. I think you could do either role, it appears you have done Business Analysis before?

Essentially the MORE you can do the higher your rate you can charge, plain and simple.