Looking for a mentor - IA-focused


Hi all,

I’ve recently wrapped up project (one of a few under my belt), but I definitely am in need of improving my skills. I’d like to connect with someone who’s been successful in the field, particularly as an IA as that is my focus. I’d like to work with someone to determine what skills I should strengthen up and how to go about doing so in order to be more competitive for jobs.

I’m in the USA, East Coast specifically, but I’m open to speaking to anyone in the world. :slight_smile:


Hey Mortvia,
Let me send a tweet out to our audience and see what we can rustle up for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll keep plugging away till I find someone. :slight_smile:


As an IA in Australia who hangs out with IAs all around the world, you need to find someone in the USA. The job and skill markets are very regionally-specific :slight_smile:


I was concerned about that. It’s been very difficult finding an IA, or even a UX designer, who has the time to spare for mentoring.


Did you try looking on IAI site? Currently they are in process of redesigning the site. I don’t know if they are still receiving volunteers on a project but if they do it could be ok opportunity for you to have hands-on experience and connect with more experienced members.


We have a whole chapter dedicated to this in our Get Started in UX ebook, btw. The executive summary is: network your ass off. Go to meetups, initiate coffee chats with people in senior positions at organisations doing work that inspires you, put yourself out there and meet more people, and put effort into fostering your relationships with those people and checking in with them regularly. Over time some of them will become natural mentors who you can call on for advice, tips, and guidance. These will be more sustainable than any relationship with a stranger that begins with “will you be my mentor?”


I remember signing up as a volunteer, and haven’t heard anything back. Guess I should ping them again. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion. The UX groups in my area haven’t been very active, so it’s been difficult meeting new people. However I’ve signed up for some workshops over the summer and hopefully I’ll run into some experienced folk there!


This post might help