Look What I Did!


This thread isn’t about me at all. It’s about you. I really love the idea of celebrating the wins and achievements of community members, regardless of how big or small, so if you’ve had a win – whether work or UX related, or something else entirely – here is your chance to show it off.


Who doesn’t love a chance to show their work.
Attached is a chalk drawing I did for my wife, to remind her of her home in Sydney and what sunny weather looks like!
Second is my first attempt at Oil Painting, I was given a voucher for painting classes last Christmas, and am really loving it. Its a really break from work every week.


I mentioned in my intro that I hailed from the art world. Much of the intrinsic knowledge I have about experience design derived from creating art installations in which I wanted to elicit a specific response. Below are two multichannel installations I exhibited a little while back.



When I reflect on these works (which were designed so that each screen interrupted the one next so that the viewer mediates a separate view of the whole), I am reminded of the various strategies that exist for designing experiences across multiple devices. Even before Twitter positioned itself as the second screen to TV, there was a lot experimentation with multi-channel narrative and the role of the viewer in creating stories… but I digress. The point is that creating unified experiences across multiple devices has a long history. Thanks for setting up this thread - I’ve never really considered how my other works connect to UX strategy.


I had a big win at work last week! I can’t show you because it is something I did at work and I’m not allowed to share it but I can tell you about it.

I recently ran three rounds of tree testing using Treejack. I managed the process from start to finish myself and was responsible for; designing the activities, building them, recruiting participants, analyzing and interpreting the results and writing and designing the report. This was my first ever report where I was responsible for more than just making it look pretty - last year I was a grad.

I handed it in and my manager told me that my analysis rivaled that of an EL2 and that the average EL1 would struggle to produce one like it! I was very surprised since it was my first one!

The report I wrote found its way to someone whom I really admire and I’ll be happy if I’m ever half as brilliant as she is. I found out a few days ago that my report is being widely used as an example of a best practice usability evaluation report by a business area other than my own that is heavily populated with designers.

It’s a big win for me because I’m at the very beginning of my career and this exposure will open up opportunities to work on diverse projects and help me to build up my experience.


That’s awesome. Good on you.


Pretty proud of this whiteboard animation that I made for our team’s fundraising efforts to raise money for important cancer research.

We launched it at a pub in the city on Monday night. It was pretty cool seeing it played on the big screen in front of 50 odd people. :slight_smile:

Read the full story here.


I have a website now! I spent weeks stuffing around with it and for some reason I felt very motivated this weekend and I finished it :slight_smile: It’s a blog/CV/home for my personal projects site: http://www.ashleamckay.com/


I turned 40!


I just got an offer to go work with another team ( same organisation) for six months on a very cool project! I’m so exited, I’m bouncing off the walls! I started working on it back in July from my current team but then got pulled off it. The team liked what I did for them so they’ve been trying to get me to move across and be the UXer on their project :slight_smile: I can’t tell you the details of the project, but it involves a lot of reserach, testing and detailed design and I’ll be working alongside a developer - I’m on my way to Unicorn-ism! :slight_smile:


I have had an amazing start to the week. For 9 months I’ve been working on the migration of another community that I manage from vBulletin to a new platform called Discourse. We launched yesterday and it has been a resounding success. If you’re interested in taking a look, here it is.


That’s awesome!

I’ll have a look when I get home - my work browser is really old…:rolleyes:


My first article for Optimal Workshop has been published!