Login Behaviour


New here, so not sure this is in the right ‘topic’ - apologies if not.

I was curious, as I’m starting to see a pattern in login forms where the ‘password’ field is behind a call to action, as opposed to being displayed alongside the username or email address field.

For example, logging in on Tumblr, the user first enters their username or email address, click/tap a ‘Next’ button and then the password field is displayed.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in this pattern, and does anyone know of any reason why this would be of benefit to anyone?


Hi there,

There are two flows you can enter after putting in your email. If you already have a account, you enter the login flow. If you don’t have a account you enter the register flow. So you never have to question your self, did I have a account here (if you use the same mail everywhere).

I hope this answers your question.


Welcome! This is the perfect place. :slight_smile:

And thanks so much to @s_w_f_volbeda who is also new, for responding!


Can’t say I’ve noticed a trend like that emerging if I’m honest. Although I have worked on a project similar to that and if I recall correctly, the reason this particular project done it like that was to perform some kind of validation/routing on the username before continuing, e.g if the username is from the old system prompt for a password change, if a new user, route to password instead… something along those lines. So to answer your question, my guess is it’s probably a tech issue rather than ux