Links in posts – the lowdown


Hey all,
We’ve had so many new members join in recent months (YAY) that I thought it might be smart to remind everyone of a couple of things relating to self-promotional links in posts.

It’s pretty simple really.

  • If your link contributes directly to answering someone’s question (or clarifying your own) then that’s cool.
  • If you’ve written something that you’re proud of and you’d like to share it with us, assuming you’re an active member (i.e. you post in other topics fairly regularly) then that’s cool.

  • If you sign up and post links to your own work or site immediately, that’s not cool*.
  • If you post multiple links back to the same site (across one or several posts), that’s not cool.

If in doubt, flick me a quick message to check in.

And the final point to note – unless you’re a Gold Member, all your links are nofollow.

*unless you need to post the link in order to clarify a question, or to ask for portfolio feedback

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