Let's share our morning reading routines


When you sit down to start your day do you have a routine that you always go through to catch up before starting the day?

I start my day really early – my alarm goes off at 5am and if I don’t have a call straight away I lie in bed and

  1. check email
  2. check Slack/chat
  3. check private messages on my communities
  4. read the national news online
  5. check Facebook for family news

I’d love to say that I then check in on relevant UX or community blogs but I don’t. Do you?

I’d love to know what other people’s routine is when they start their day.

  1. Check e-mail.
  2. Check Twitter, and find something good to tweet about.
  3. Check other communities (especially here) to see if I can be helpful somewhere.

That already takes more time than it should…


Here’s me:

  1. Wake up and check Slack on my phone
  2. Roll over and go back to sleep
  3. Get woken up by my cat 15 minutes later who saw me complete steps 1 & 2 and decided that Mischief Mode was the most appropriate response to my need for more sleep and is currently opening ALL my shoe boxes while meowing loudly
  4. Check Slack on my phone again and read new messages
  5. Get up and get ready for my work day (I work remotely) while still checking and responding to new Slack messages
  6. Switch on my laptop and check all 3 email accounts (work, personal, and my business email)
  7. Read the news
  8. Check messages on communities and social media

And nope, no UX blogs or professional reading going on here either - just a whole lot of stubbing my toe and shaking my fist in the air while vowing to hide the shoe boxes before tomorrow morning. I’ll show her I naively tell myself but knowing deep down she’ll just go for the wardrobe, drawers or my phone next time… Sigh. #luckyshescute :cat:


hahahah love this so much.



  1. Check emails.
  2. Check Slack.
  3. Eat breakfast while playing Scrabble on the phone.
  4. Check in here.

The rest changes without notice.


please forgive me since I’m new here…what type of information are you checking on Slack? It looks like a common element in your routines.


Hey Sean,
No worries – you never need to apologise for asking questions. :slight_smile:

Both my jobs are fully distributed and remote so I use Slack to talk with my colleagues. I check it in the mornings to see if anything happened overnight and if anyone needed me.


This is amazing question.

  1. Check DesignerNews
  2. Check coomunity.uxmastery
  3. Check slack (many Design groups)
  4. Check gsmarena
  5. Check emails


I deleted/deactivated most of my social networks as i found there was too much noise, and my little brain can only take in so much! Im trying to go on a bit of an information diet. It’s working well so far and i find things seem clearer and more focused. My current morning routine

  1. wake up, meditate, stretch
  2. check weather
  3. breakfast, check personal emails
  4. then go work to do work stuff


Same! I work remotely and most of my team is in a timezone that is two hours ahead of me so by the time I wake up and get set up, it’s almost lunchtime for everyone else! I’ve got to catch up on the messages they sent in the morning and see their responses to anything I asked the afternoon/evening before :slight_smile:


Ours is a little more complicated… https://timezone.io/team/discourse