Learning UX Skills through volunteering with no experience

Hi everyone,

I am Carla and I would like to learn about UX through online volunteering with 0 skills and experience, is that possible? Thank you! I am looking forward to your answers!


Hello Carla,

Good to know that you wanted to learn UX Skills. As a UI UX designer, I feel watching videos, reading blogs, or any related books may give you limited knowledge. If you are really serious about UX design then I would recommend you to go for online UI UX Courses from Digital Academy 360. This reputed institute will offer you the best knowledge & practical experience in UX design. Want to know more about google DIgital Academy 360?

Hi Carla,

Take online UX courses from well reputed digital institutes. I would also recommends you to try to get internship in any company to get hands on experience.

Good Luck

It’s great to hear that you want to learn UX skills. The amount of knowledge you can gain from watching videos, reading blogs, or reading books related to UI UX is limited based on my experience as a UI UX designer. To get a real understanding of UX design, I recommend you take UI UX Courses online from Digital Academy 360. UX design knowledge & practical experience will be available at this reputed institute. Do you want to learn more about Google Digital Academy 360?

Hi, I’ve been studying UX design for 3 months and If I want to share my approach, I started by signing up for diveinto.global website first.
It’s not free but It gives you so many resources and anything you have to know. Also, they provide free courses so try free course first!