Learning UX - Short Survey for first project



Hi guys!

I’m working on a Canadian Travel App design project for my User Experience (UX) Design course and your responses will help me learn about how you use your phone for travel and what’s important to you in a travel app (my first project).

I am looking for participants to complete this super short survey (approx 2mins). I appreciate all responses.

Travel App Survey

If this post is inappropriate, I apologize–I didn’t read that it wasn’t.





No worries, it’s totally legit to post surveys. We’d appreciate it if you stuck around and became part of the community though. :slight_smile:


Ah wonderful that’s great to hear. Thanks for the support!


Done!!! Always happy to do surveys



If you don’t mind me asking, what school are you going to for your UX course? I just started last week and am on my first project as well!

(Feel free to just say ‘I’d prefer not to answer that, but good luck!’ if that’s information you’re not comfortable sharing)


It’s at RED Academy in Vancouver BC. Just an Essentials course. So far so good! I’ve been a graphic designer for years so I’m enjoying adding this new level.

Where are you taking your course?


Thank you everyone!


I’m going to a coding bootcamp called DevMountain in SLC- I am striving to break into the industry with this course and start a career!


That’s great, good luck with your UX career!


Had fun thinking about what I’d like for that second last question! Good one.


Hi Danielle:
You have some typos in your survey in #4–should be ‘accommodation’, ‘flight booking/check in’, #7–should be ‘restaurant’.



Thanks for the feedback guys!