Leading Users to Relevant Pages

Hello everyone,

I have a business for both people who want to buy care services and caregivers. I show a list of caregivers to families so that they can visit caregiver profiles and see the detailed information. However, there are some caregivers who visit those pages, too. I think that I can lead them to the job listing pages from caregiver listing pages. They can see the jobs and apply for them in this way. Is this a suitable journey for my caregivers?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Ow nice! Do you maybe have a URL for us so we can check it out for real?

I would test the journey since you don’t want to be in the way of the focus of the families. Depending on what the lay-out looks like I can give you some suggestions design wise.

Sorry for my late response.

I can gladly share the link of my website. However, we don’t have English language support yet. It is only in Turkish.

Maybe you can give me some advice about the journey that I explained. :angel: