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Hey guys,

Excuse my poor title selection, it’s due to a lack of better words.

So I’ve been experimenting with some design techniques and I’m on the verge of committing with one particular technique and I’d love some input to validate my thinking behind this.

Some context: I’m part of a team, developing a platform for travel planners to create trips for world travelers.

Short description of the this screenshot - This is the Vacation Dashboard where a travel planner can do most of what needs to be done. So typically they can plan holidays, preview them and eventually toggle the visibility of the proposal that they’d like the client to see. However, our business process requires a travel planner to share a vacation with a client via a different modal (this modal will send links that we track) and then only will the vacation you share, be made visible automatically and then you’ll have access to the toggle switches.

My question is directed on this page but also in general, as design principle - My approach was to have the disabled switches there from the start with a tooltip explaining why it’s disabled and as they complete the necessary tasks, the switches become enabled. I took this approach as I don’t want elements disappearing and popping up. I think this could be confusing as you could wonder what you’ve done to get those certain elements. So my approach, is to have these components on the UI, in a disabled state and as you do what needs to be done, these components become accessible.

Another reason for this is to guide the users through the process and potentially eliminate the chances of them feeling stuck or feel like they’ve reached a dead end.

Is this a good UI convention will you guys suggest the showing and hiding of components ONLY when they are usable?


Alright, a couple questions:

  1. What switches are you referring to here? (The ones under ‘Proposals’ --> ‘Visible’)
  1. Are tooltips a common guide throughout the user’s experience with this service?
  1. To clarify, is this sentence referring to the disabled switches being confusing, or to the unrepresented idea of having switches pop up on the dashboard after the user has [earned] them being confusing?

Is your intended phrasing of this question: “Is this a good UI convention or would you guys suggest the showing and hiding…”?


All that said, if I am to assume that you’re asking if disabled switches with a tooltip is viable for your service, my answer is: Yes.

I have no personal experience that comes to mind with using/implementing either system, yet that seems like a reasonable system that I think can be made confident for you by conducting testing.

And, if it doesn’t at all, then you have a plan B already in place!


A small question, what options are under “status”?

If we consider that one task can only be visible to the customers when the planning is done, is it okay to combine “visible” into “status”? Maybe call it “published”?