Lead UI UX Designer Job Post


We are currently looking for Lead UI UX Designer to our company, any suggestion where to find one?

Have you tried posting on LinkedIn? Easy way to get the word out. Other job boards like Indeed and Glasshouse come in handy.

Yes I did :), LinkedIn, Indeed, BetterTeam, even FB jobs. I will try Glasshouse :slight_smile: Thanks for the recommendation

Hey @Mayla_Granados , could you please share the link to the job posting, and a 2-line summary here?

Hey @Kasturika_Ramamoorth , I tried pasting the job link but it’s not allowing me :frowning:

Here’s the job post :slight_smile:

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Hello @Mayla_Granados

Hope you are doing well!!

I am interested for the following position.

Please drop your skype ID below so that i can contact you over there.

Awaiting your response.

Best Regards


If you’re interested, you can submit your application to my email address: mayla@colonist.io