Landing page with 3 contexts. Inspiration sites?


I am looking for inspiration landing page where the visitor is asked to choose in what context (or stage of lifecycle) he or she is. For example, “I am…” a) dreaming about a house, b) buying a house, c) selling my house.

The key here is not to have 3 CTAs side by side but rather to offer 3 different contexts before continuing with a strong CTA.

I cannot think of websites with this type of landing page, can you?


Hi Quentin,

This is something that was used a lot 10 years ago like I remember. Example: When you went to a website you could either choose to go trough as customer or business person. Depending on your choice you would get 2 different websites, adjusted to the specific user group.

As for now I don’t have any examples of websites that currently use it, just wanted to know if I understand you correctly so I can help you think of a solution.