Knowledge base with research results



Sorry for not writing for more than a half year.
I’ve got a question which could be interesting for some of us.
Recently, I changed my job and gone from small agency/software startup to the big telecom company with tons of products, designers and managers.

Now I’m trying to invent some knowledge base for all of them.
This base has to show them, what studies was conducted and what problems was found. This system shoul be very informative and easy to use.

I’m trying to steal basic concept from bug-tracking tools. But, instead of bugs, there will be interface problems for designers to solve and implement.

The basic information unit will be artefact - it could be insight, hypothesis, or problem (problem is the hypothesis, that was validated),
Artifacts should be grouped by tags into studies. One studi could have many hypotheses, founded problems, and insights.
Each one of studies should be tagged into one of products.

So, we have a dataset where one case is one artifact, and 6 types of pages:
Product page - description, list of studies, list of artifacts.
Study page - description, list of artifacts
Artifact page - type of artifact (insight, hypothesis, problem), description
List of products
List of studies
List of artifacts

Did anyone here done something similar?
Do I think in the right direction, or there are some already made systems for a such purpose?
Any ideas how to make it better?


Sounds like you need to create a wiki for your company.

  1. never made anything like this, but we thought about it in terms of a general use knowledge base.
    we decided on wiki. it didn’t go anywhere. caffeine was involved :sunny:

  2. i’m a little confused when we get to “we have a dataset where 1 case = 1 artifact, and 6 page types” - and that also the page type also includes a list of artifacts.

  3. please let me know what else you think on this though. i dig these kinds of things. so much information in the world, let’s make it accessible and actionable :wink: