Just another portfolio thread



Hi all! :slight_smile:

I’m in the final stages of creating my portfolio website and would very much appreciate your feedback. Please, give me all the critic that comes to mind, the more the better. :wink:



Hey Vitalii,
No worries, here are a few things I noted.

  • Love the blue/purple combo
  • Your text is a bit small and the contrast of grey on white isn’t enough
  • I found your use of the third person voice in the About section a little strange
  • The Articles link goes nowhere (although the cursor change implies that it will)
  • Your articles are really interesting but your use of horizontal rules though them is a bit disconcerting. I thought each section was a blurb to a bigger article and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t click through
  • Your case study documentation is excellent. You use a good mix of text and imagery and the presentation is slick.

Nice work.


Thanks so much Hawk! Awesome feedback, will address everything you’ve pointed out. The part about horizontal lines is honestly unexpected at all. Would never think they could be perceived that way! :open_mouth:


Your portfolio is great. Keep it up!


Well done sir on your presentation and cumulative work. I like the simplicity of your roles within each of the case studies. Inspirational.


Thanks a lot guys! :blush: Great pleasure to read such feedback!


I think I got a little confused by the term “articles.” To me that means published in a magazine. What you have is a blog with your thoughts and ideas. I think it would be helpful if you renamed that section. :slight_smile:


Valid point. I’ll experiment with that. Thanks!


Hi Vitalii!
First, I went to your Linkedin profile because your name sounded Ukrainian to me and I am Ukrainian. You worked for Wargaming, cool! Moreover, we studied at the same University :wave: I see, you’re in Canada now, but it’s just lovely to say hi to another Ukrainian here :grinning:

Speaking of your portfolio, it was a pleasure to read your case studies, the text is neat and clear and well illustrated. However, the case studies page layout looks a little bit corrupted on mobile. Anyway, I bookmarked your site as an example of a perfect portfolio as I am in the process of creating my own.

By the way, I’ve seen your Aequitas sketches somewhere before. Behance maybe?


Hi AnLev! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: Go team ICU I suppose then!

Thank you for your comments, and feedback, and for pointing out that the case study page is broken! I was fiddling with it and apparently some css gone away. And mobile view is indeed a bit of a mess. Squarespace templates are far from perfect on mobile, at least that is my experience with them. Also flattered that you’ve bookmarked the website :blush:, hope it will be an inspiration for you to build a much better one for yourself!

Sketches yes, they are on Behance, too. I am genuinely curios how did you manage to find them!? :open_mouth:


I am also curious about this but I really can’t recall :smile: Maybe I was googling “storyboarding” or maybe you shared the project on some forum and I just remembered those expressive pictures.