Just another newbie looking for portfolio feedback



Hi all, I just finished my online portfolio and I would LOVE any and all feedback before applying to jobs!!! Thank you so much in advance. Here is the link: http://christinarichardson.ca/

Looking for candid portfolio feedback!

Amazing! Obviously has a great “story” (which to me is the most important item to be seen in a UX portfolio) and it’s absolutely a big plus that you discussed about your design process. good luck!


Wow! It’s gorgeous @cvillate
One of the best I’ve seen – definitely would not have picked you as a newbie. Congratulations.

I love how you’ve documented your journey.
I love that you’ve injected personality (the random fact)
Your processes are well documented and best of all, they’re not all the same, demonstrating a good range of skills and knowledge.

I want to have some constructive feedback – but I don’t. You’re nailed it.


Hahaha thanks guys! Definitely a confidence booster as I was a little shy about sharing it. Now let’s hope employers share your point of view!

I’m afraid employers may first look at my resume, see the lack of UX experience and not bother opening my portfolio. Most of my previous work experience has been in web analytics. There are so many overlaps and transferable skills between the two professions but not everyone realizes that.


Well-done! Thanks for sharing, because your processes are great to learn from. Good luck.


Well, you are lucky then. Mostly in UX world (as far as I know) employers check your portfolio. It’s a know pattern that people who are applying for junior/staff UX positions are not necessarily coming from a UX background, so that makes them always curious to at least open your portfolio link. The first impression for a UX portfolio is highly important and I believe you nailed it :wink: so keep up the good work and do the same great work for your resume, polish it and show that even that you haven’t had a UX work before, you’ve been at least concerned about what causes pain for users/people.


Thanks for the advice! To be honest I finished the portfolio and then got lazy with the resume. I know it could use some love!