Junior UX designer salary


Hello everyone,

Does anyone know what’s the average salary for a junior UX designer in Berlin/germany?.

That would be really helpful.



Hey Vic,

I found this: http://www.payscale.com/research/DE/Job=User_Experience_Designer/Salary

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Without any more detailed Information about company, internal/external, responsibilities, skills and study background the range outlined in the link posted by hawk seams reasonable för a junior position…

Good luck getting the job



Sorry for my late answer.

Let me give more background. Big growing ecommerce company. Position is Junior UX designer (not researcher or visual designer). I have 4 years of experience in a position “close to UX”, meaning I’m not entirely new to the job and have experience in topics like user research or project management, plus I know the company very well. Downside is I’m mostly new on purely design related tasks (wire framing…) but I’m also currently taking a 6 months UX education that will finished soon.

Is this information useful? I assume I’d join as a junior but I want to think that with a salary at least a bit higher than for someone that have just started. But I still don’t know what it would be.

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Hey Caros,
I don’t really have any further info I’m afraid. I suspect it will differ greatly across organisations.

If I were in your position I’d consider talking to a recruiter to see what they think, although be careful that you don’t end up on their books getting unsolicited calls all the time!


@vic The salaries on Payscale.com seem reasonable, at least as far as I know. Haven’t worked in Berlin yet, but I have applied for jobs there in the past. Do realise that Berlin salaries in general are lower than salaries in the other German big cities. This is partially due to the lower cost of living in Berlin; it’s pretty much the cheapest West-European capital.

Between 25k-35k sounds reasonable for a Junior position. Also look at the perks and benefits companies offer. And as @HAWK already mentioned, talking to a recruiter could gain you a lot of useful insights.



thanks a lot for your advice, I’ll look into the recruiter option.