Joe Natoli UX courses on Udemy? your opinion?




Has anyone taken courses from this site .Joe Natoli courses are on the Udemy as well but just wanted to double check from anyone who has attended his course or have read the book.




Hi @manuce – I’ve done one of Joe’s courses. You can read my review of it here.


Hey Hawk, thanks for pointing out didn’t know it existed :slight_smile: looks pretty comprehensive thanks alot for that.



I’ve done this course a while back. Absolutely top quality, just logged into it again recently to check something, and its been comprehensively overhauled. Which is great, there seems to be lots more information and its revised in line with trends out there in the real world.

Might go back in and do some of it again. Sign up to Udemy and keep an out for the discount codes, can save a lot of the cost on these courses.