Jobs board


Do you guys see any value in a jobs board here? If I was to hand pick UX jobs from reputable places around the web and post them here, would you find that useful, or are you more likely to go looking around yourselves if you’re actually in the market for a new role? I’m curious as to whether it would be helpful to you, or bad use of my time.


I would be very interested, provided we’re talking globally (not interested in moving to the land of enormous death-spiders and biblical sand-storms). I find most boards mix up visual design, backend development, and a host of tangentially related disciplines to UX specific role filters.


I vote yes. Maybe especially with jobs for junior positions since that might be more the audience here.


I think it depends on the time and effort it takes! It’s probably a little difficult with such a global audience I imagine? I’d definitely be interested in big recruiters / UX agencies around the world though - that’s really useful to know.