Job stories vs User stories


Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of creating my first UX portfolio. I want to focus on the whole process and document all my research, discoveries, and of course outcomes. I started writing user stories when I came across job stories framework. Which one, in your opinion, would be a better basis for next steps in the design process? I understand that job stories would be used after actual interviews, and user stories would be based on assumptions. (sorry if that was already discussed)



Hi there,
TBH I hadn’t heard of job stories so I just read through this article which does a good job of explaining the differences between job and user stories. While I agree with a lot of the points made, I don’t think user stories should be discounted altogether. That said, going down the job story route might be an interesting approach and if you can justify the choice it could demonstrate that you think outside of the square. I’d give it a go.



thanks @HAWK! Sorry for not attaching a link; I assumed (oh my!) people knew about the framework. Yes, that’s the article! I do agree user stories should not be discounted but they sometimes feel very “technical”, so I guess it all depends on what you want to highlight. Thank you!